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  • WC Bathroom Accessory Line by Josh Owen


A few posts ago I wrote about the interesting Seasons Silicone Leaf Plates by Nao Tamura and how silicone is slowly and surely becoming a major player in product design and materials.  A lot of this movement is due to color possibilities and the fact that silicone is basically an inert material and has some tearing strength.  Silicone is also very inexpensive as a material.


Up until now the majority of silicone pieces on the domestic market have been related to parts of everyday products (baby bottle nipples, for example, due to ease of sterilization) and products also capitalizing on its heat-resistant qualities like tongs, trivets, oven mitts, cooking molds, etc.

Josh Owen is an American designer that we have followed for many years.  Currently teaching in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Industrial Design program, Josh recently developed a series of bathroom accessories for the manufacturer Kontexture.

Wastebin, Brush, and Plunger. Three friends your bathroom should never be without.

The series is based primarily on the classic design of the bathroom plunger, whose sloping curves we are all rather familiar with in our lives at one point or another. Hey, it happens. Rather than being made in the more traditional rubber, the new WC line (WC referring to Water Closet) utilizes colored silicone with wooden handles (where applicable) reflecting on the original design of the plunger.  The line includes tissue box, waste bin, plunger, and toilet brush.


The use of silicone has made the product reasonably priced, from $36 to $49, and the colorways are cleverly named and really great- YK (Yves Klein) blue, Ferrari red, Dutch Orange make this line super cool- and the basics of (porcelain) white and (matte) black are also available.

Mr. Owen has chimed in:

“The design for the WC Line uses functionality and performance as the primary measures which define beauty; inspired by universal languages which have stood the test of time. These products exude clarity by blending utility, usability, materiality and engineering with careful attention to the concerns of space limitations often accompanying their context in the bath. Based on circular footprints, these items relate to one another naturally in many configurations, never looking out of alignment in their setting. The wooden handles are sourced locally to their production location and the full silicone rubber construction and reduced parts avoids the damage which limits the life of similar products made from other materials. All items in the line are washable and made to last.”

Yeah, and the colors are cool.

Available at UNICAHOME.

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